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Snowdon Routes

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There are six main Snowdon routes. Here they are listed from easiest to hardest. 

Snowdon - Llanberis Path.jpg

Distance: 8.9 miles (14.4km)

Climb: 950m

Average Time: 6h 22m

Crowds: 10/10 (Very busy)

Fear factor: 1/10 (Not scary)

Difficulty: Moderate

+ Easiest footpath

Snowdon - Rhydd Ddu.jpg

Distance: 7.3 miles (11.8km)

Climb: 890m

Average Time: 6h 42m

Crowds: 2/10

Fear factor: 6/10

Difficulty: Slightly Challenging

+ Ridgeline (spectacular views)

Walkers on Snowdon Ranger Path.jpg

Distance: 7.6 miles (12.3km)

Climb: 940m

Average Time: 6h 48m

Crowds: 3/10

Fear factor: 1/10

Difficulty: Moderate 

+ Spectacular views

+ Good path

Snowdon - Watkin Path.jpg

Distance: 8.3 miles (13.3km)

Climb: 1020m

Average Time: 7h 52m

Crowds: 3/10

Fear factor: 7/10

Difficulty: Challenging 

+ Ancient woodlands 

+ Snowdon waterfalls

Snowdon - Pyg & Miners - Track.jpg

Distance: 7.4 miles (11.9km)

Climb 750m

Average Time: 5h 49m 

Crowds: 8/10

Fear factor: 3/10

Difficulty: Slightly Challenging

+ Shortest route

+ Lakes

Snowdon - South Ridge Path.jpg

Distance: 8.3 miles (13.3km)

Climb: 1020m

Average Time: 6h 55m

Crowds: 1/10

Fear factor: 8/10 

Difficulty: Challenging +

+ Ancient woodlands & waterfalls

+ Ridgeline (spectacular views)

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All our guided walks up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) are led by our qualified guides who know the mountain like the back of their hands.


If you hire one of our guides, you can be sure that you will get a quality service from an experienced professional.


Our guides have been up Snowdon countless times in all conditions and will keep you safe and on the right track, taking the stress of navigating away.


Our instructors will enhance your walk by telling you interesting and educational information about the mountain and local area.

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