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Forest Walks

At a Glance

Distance: It's up to you

Time: It's up to you

Crowds: 1/10

Difficulty: Easy to moderate


We love forests as much as we love mountains and some of the best walks in Snowdonia are through its forests! Hire a Private Guide for the day to take you on a bespoke walk through the forests of Snowdonia where you will learn about the woodland as an ecosystem and the plants and animals that inhabit this diverse and ancient landscape.


Snowdonia Forest Walk

Forest Walk.jpg

Walk description

Let us take you on a relaxing and enjoyable hike as you explore the deciduous and evergreen woodlands of Snowdonia. Some of the best walks in the National Park are through its forests, along rivers, over bridges, and around lakes. We will take you off the beaten track and away from the crowds as we show you the gems of Snowdonia. These walks are tailormade to your preferences so can be as long or as short as you desire. 


Our guides will point out edible plants and enrich your day with lots of interesting facts and information. This will open your eyes as to how the trees in a forest work together and will make your future walks in the woods near you all the more enjoyable. 

Forest Walks are perfect for families, small or large groups and to use as an active 'rest' day after climbing Snowdon. The best time of year is during the Autumn when the colours are at their most vibrant and is the best time to forage for fungi. Winter is also a great time to go on a Forest Walk in Snowdonia as the sun penetrates the tree canopy scattering dappled sunlight across the forest floor. The safety in numbers approach of the forest as a whole entity protect individual trees from the worst of the wind and stops them from being blown over by storms. This will work in your favor making for a pleasant walk even on cold and blustery days. To learn more about the forest book a Private Guided Walk by getting in touch via phone or email.

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