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What to do when it's raining in Snowdonia?

Snowdonia National Park is famous for its towering peaks and breathtaking scenery. Rain shouldn't dampen your fun as there are plenty of attractions to explore, history to discover and exhilarating adventures even when the weather isn't at it's best.

You can still have a great day in Snowdonia when it's raining. The best things to do are...

  • Slate mine tours

  • Zip World

  • Museum's

  • Railway journey's

  • Visit an art gallery

  • While away a day in a picturesque village

  • Discover Snowdon

Two people hiking in Snowdonia in the rain
Rainy day activities in Snowdonia

Does it rain a lot in Snowdonia?

With over 3000mm (3 meters) and 200 days of rain annually, Snowdonia National Park is the wettest place in Wales.

Why does it rain a lot in Snowdonia?

The National Park is a hyper-oceanic climate which usually experiences maritime air masses. These air masses accumulate moisture as they cross the Atlantic Ocean forming clouds.

When these air masses make landfall, they often deposit this moisture in the form of rain. This is exaggerated in mountainous regions such as the Lake District and Snowdonia.

As the air rises over the mountains, it cools due to decreased air pressure at higher elevations. Thinner air is less able to retain heat, so there is less evaporation increasing the moisture levels. This causes the water droplets in the clouds to grow, eventually becoming too heavy to be supported by the clouds. When this happens, it rains.

This process is why Snowdonia is the wettest place in Wales and why it is even wetter on mountain summits.

Map infographic showing things to do on a rainy day in Snowdonia, North Wales

Things to do on a rainy day in Snowdonia National Park

As a result of all of this wet weather, plenty of options have sprung up to keep visitors dry and entertained. Here are our top picks...

#1 National Slate Museum

Blacksmith in a forge
Photo credit: National Slate Museum
National Slate Museum - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Step back in time and experience the fascinating history of the vast Dinorwig Slate Quarry at the National Slate Museum. Slate is an integral part of Welsh heritage and the museum does an incredible job at bringing the history to life through engaging film and daily slate splitting demonstrations.

In addition visitors can visit the quarry workshops where, in the past, skilled craftsmen fashioned all the equipment and parts needed for the quarry and machines. Today, the local blacksmith regularly demonstrates his skill by producing handcrafted iron gifts which are available in the gift shop.

#2 Inigo Jones Slate Works

Woman and girl making slate memento
Photo credit: Inigo Jones Slate Works
Inigo Jones Slate Works - - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Learn more about the history of slate in North Wales by visiting the workshops which powered this industry and watch the machines and craftsmen in action. You can do a self guided tour with an audio device to learn more about the geology and history of slate. After this take part in calligraphy and letter cutting activities to fashion your very own slate memento at the Inigo Jones Slate Works

#3 Zip World

Children jumping on a trampoline at Bounce below in the underground slate caverns in Snowdonia
Photo credit: Zip World
Zip World - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Slate caverns

Don't let the rain dampen your adventure. Thrill seekers can still get their adrenaline fix at Zip World on the 13 zip lines, via ferrata, rope bridges and tightropes of the caverns course set in the underground slate caverns.

Bounce Below

Bounce Below is a huge underground trampoline park built into a cavern twice the size of St. Pauls Cathedral and is a fun way to explore this subterranean world.

#4 Lloyd George Museum

Inside the Lloyd George Museum near Snowdonia
Photo credit: Lloyd George Museum
Lloyd George Museum  - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Widely regarded as one of Britain's best Prime Ministers, David Lloyd George 'laid the foundations of the modern welfare state' and is 'acclaimed as the man who had won the First World War'. Learn more about this fiery Welsh politician and view his personal items as well as important historical memorabilia such as the Treaty of Versailles at the Lloyd George Museum

#5 Oriel Plas Glyn-Y-Weddw Arts Centre

Inside Oriel Plas Glyn-Y-Weddw Arts Centre with paintings and wooden beamed ceiling
Snowdonia Art Gallery
Oriel Plas Glyn-Y-Weddw Arts Centre -  - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

The Oriel Plas Glyn-Y-Weddw Arts Centre is one of Wales's oldest and most picturesque art venues. This art gallery displays an extensive collection of art on two floors of an impressive Gothic Grade II listed building. After this has got your creative juices flowing there are adult and kids art workshops to busy your artistic hands and the icing on the cake is the beautiful café.

#6 Corris Mine Explorers

Men in helmets talking in an underground mine on mine tour
Photo credit: Corris Mine Explorers
Corris Mine Explorers - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Step through a hidden door into the old Braich Goch slate mine and enter another world. The award-winning Corris Mine Explorers underground tour takes you through broad tunnels and cavernous chambers which were dug by hand nearly 200 years ago. Today, this is part of the Wales's unique UNESCO World Heritage landscape.

#7 King Arthur's Labyrinth

Inside King Arthur's Labyrinth with statue of King Arthur
Photo credit: King Arthur's Labyrinth
King Arthur's Labyrinth - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Experience the myth and legend of Wales on an action packed journey of fire breathing dragons, colossal giants, fierce battles and of course King Arthur. After your imagination has been inspired on this adventure for the whole family, unleash your creativity at the Corris craft centre. With 9 craft workshops and an award winning café King Arthur's Labyrinth is a day not to be missed.

#8 Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways

Steam train crossing a bridge in Snowdonia
Photo credit: Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways
Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Travel back in time as you steam through the glorious mountain scenery. You will see dramatic coastline and lots of mountains as you pass ancient woodland, medieval castles, meandering rivers and powerful waterfalls. Experience this incredible landscape from the splendour of a more civilised age on the worlds oldest and longest heritage railway of the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways

#9 Snowdon Mountain Railway

Train going uphill with mountains in the background
Snowdon Mountain Railway
Snowdon Mountain Railway - Information on Price, Time of Average Visit and if it has a Café

Perhaps unexpectedly, it is possible to get to the summit of Snowdon without getting wet, even on a rainy day!

Snowdon is the only mountain in the UK with a train station and café at the summit allowing folks to experience the mountain even in wet weather whilst remaining completely dry. Be sure to book your ticket in advance though as the Snowdon Mountain Railway is often fully booked especially during peak season.

#10 Climb Snowdon/ Yr Wyddfa

People in waterproof jackets smiling and having fun in the rain
Snowdon summit in the rain

Experience Snowdon under your own steam and walk up it's mighty slopes.

There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” Alfred Wainwright.

We certainly can't disagree with Britain's most revered hiker. So grab your waterproofs, strap on your walking boots and experience Snowdon in all of it's wet and wild glory!

Book your hike up Snowdon today!

#11 Visit a Snowdonia village

Beddgelert bridge over river in quaint village with old stone buildings

Snowdonia is dotted with charming towns and villages that have retained their timeless charm.

Betws-y-Coed and Beddgelert are our two favourites and are packed with shops, cafe's, pubs and restaurants to while away a rainy day.

What else is there to do in North Wales?

North Wales is a popular tourist destination because there is so much to do.

Children and adults can have fun and adventure on the Ninja Assault Course at Adventure Parc Snowdonia.

The seaside town of Llandudno was developed during the Victorian times and remains popular today. The promenade, pier and Great Orme are among the highlights.

Conwy, Beaumaris and Caefnarfon Castles, all outside of the Snowdonia National Park are some of the best examples of medieval fortifications in the UK.

For an extensive guide about all the fun things you can do in and around Snowdonia National Park, check out our post.

Discover Snowdonia on a rainy day with Walk Snowdonia

Don't let the rain stop you having fun. If you're up for a challenge and love the rain, then why not book a walk along one of the six paths with us. We can take you up any mountain in the Snowdonia National park rain or shine on one of our Guided Walks, where will make sure your safety comes first on the mountain slopes!

Frequently Asked Questions about activities in Yr Wyddfa on rainy days

Hopefully, we have covered some fun and exciting activities you can do in Snowdonia National Park when it is raining. Check out our FAQs for more information or contact us today.

Does the Snowdon train run in the rain?

The Snowdon Mountain Railway runs in the rain. For safety reasons high winds and snow/ice can stop the train from operating.

The train stops running altogether during the winter months.

What is the rainiest month in Wales?

Snowdonia's climate is consistently wet.

Winter is the season with most rain in Wales. The wettest month varies from region to region with December being the month with the most precipitation in Snowdonia. More than 300mm falls in this month alone.

August is the wettest summer month with nearly 200mm of rain.


From exploring Wales's UNESCO World Heritage slate landscape to inspiring train journeys, the rain shouldn't dampen your spirits or extinguish your fun as there is still plenty to do on a rainy day in the Snowdonia National Park.

Visiting Snowdonia? Check out other useful resources to get you started:


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