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Bespoke Navigation

Bespoke Navigation

Price: From £195

Difficulty: Tailor made to your level 

Duration: 7 hours (approx)

Our Bespoke Navigation Course is perfect if you want to improve your map reading. The best way to learn anything is with a low teacher to learner ratio. You can learn and improve the specific skills you want at your own pace with no pressure.


Bespoke Navigation

How to book

Step 1

Contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form below and tell us, if you can:

- Date(s) you would like.

- Number of people you would like to book for

- The skills want to learn

- Your level of Experience


Step 2

We will then contact you for a free consultation to plan the bespoke experience.

Enquiry Form


Bespoke Navigation description

This is ideal if you want to learn or improve your navigation skills at your own pace. We will suggest appropriate locations based on your level and goals for the day. 

You can learn and improve all the navigation skills including:

- To identify and follow footpaths

- How to navigate in poor visibility

- Map symbols 

- Identifying large and small features on a map

- Orienting the map

- Taking and following a bearing 

- Interpreting contours 

- Basic handrailing techniques 

- Measuring timings (using Naysmiths rule)

- The Grid System and Grid References

- Navigation techniques away from footpaths-

- Measuring distance with pacing 

- Catching features and their practical application

- Relocation techniques 

- Micro Navigation 

- Aiming off

- Boxing around obstacles

- The importance of contours and how to use them to proficiently navigate

- To identify and use smaller map features 

- Night Navigation

- How to use 'dead reckoning'

- Planning and following a multi-leg route on complex terrain 

Cost includes 

- Qualified and experienced Instructor

- Map and compass (for the day)

Cost excludes

- Personal walking kit

- Food and water

- Accommodation 

- Car parking

- Transportation

Please contact us to arrange this course.

Who is it for?

Perfect for individuals and groups who want to learn at their own pace, learn or imporve specific skills and get the most out of the day. 

What equipment do I need?

Normal hiking gear. Walking boots, waterproofs etc. 

We will be providing maps and compasses but please feel free to bring your own.

Where does it start?

We will suggest some locations based on your experience and what you want to achieve out of the day but as this is a bespoke day it's up to you.


All of our instructors are fully qualified Mountain Leaders with a minimum of a 16 hour First Aid certificate. All participants are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

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